Blogs and Researcher Highlights

The Lamberton Lab are busy in the field, the laboratory and at conferences. Here are a few links to some of the more detailed blogs we've written. Many of us are happy to write blogs upon request so please do just get in touch if you would like something.


In the media

Poppy has been interviewed by Fold Women and has spoken at schools on parasites, women in science and career choices. She is also a BBC Expert Women and available for TV and Radio interviews.


BugBitten Blog

Christina is an editor for BugBitten, the official blog of BMC’s Parasites & Vectors. You can read her blog posts here. Tristan wrote a guest post on comparative genomics in January 2019.

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Researcher highlights

Our BAHCM Researcher Spotlight interviews Teteh, Rachel, Suzan and Lauren.

BAHCM also run a naturally speaking podcast, featuring E.62 Pint of Science.

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Acting for Health

Read our blog about the 5 day workshop Alex & Kam ran in Bugoto, with school children, district drug coordinators, village health teams, school teachers, nurses, fishermen, and Minstry of Health technicians assessing their shared understanding of Bilharzia and how they as a community can help control it. For more info see our Engagement in Endemic Settings and Acting for Heath website.

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BSP meeting

In April 2018 the Lamberton Lab (and former PhD supervisor Prof Joanne Webster) headed off to Aberystwyth for the annual British Society for Parasitology meeting. Our three oral presentations and two poster presentations were a great success, along with many other highlights of the meeting.

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Storing stool

Lauren's story focuses on schistosomiasis and some of the research we are carrying out in Uganda to understand how to improve drug treatment success and reduce disease transmission. Full article.


Uganda fieldwork

Lauren wrote up her first field trip to Uganda at the start of her PhD. Check out her BugBitten blog for more info on her PhD project on schistosomiasis and gut microbiome as well as what it's like to work in rural villages in Uganda.

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Hall Lab

Lauren spent a fortnight at the Quadram Institute in Norwich, to learn microbiome techniques in the Hall Lab. She is studying the microbiome, in particular, the bacteria of the gut and how it affects, and is affected by, schistosmiasis infections and treatment. Click here for more.