Storytelling is very much part of the African DNA and Acting for Health has translated this into the perfect tool sets to encourage positive behaviour changes with direct impact on internationally agreed disease elimination goals.”
— Kamran Rafiq, International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases

In March 2018, Acting for Health joined the Lamberton Lab in Bugoto Community, Mayuge District on the shores of Lake Victoria. We brought together key members of the village and healthcare system to understand and address the community's main barriers to schistosomiasis control (lack of treatment uptake, unsafe water contact, inadequate sanitation, false beliefs about the disease and infection etc.). A series of workshops translated the stakeholders' voices into characters and sketches, performed by the community in front of an audience from across the village. This pilot project was a huge success and we hope to trial a full intervention in the future. For more information see the full write up on the Acting for Health website.